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Group sessions are a genuinely effective method of helping people to get unstuck. Some people are very resistant to the idea of attending a group believing that it is not for them, that they are unwilling or unable to share personal information, that they will be too shy and so on.  When people attend the groups with an open mind they find a safe and trusting space in which they are able to learn how to handle the distressing aspects of their lives.

Group participants set their own rules for group conduct, covering areas such as confidentiality, respect and disclosure. No one has to share anything other than that which they feel comfortable with.

Examples of groups that have been run are:

for people who are just returning to life after their cancer treatment has ended.

for parents of children with autism

for people struggling with eating too much.

Please do contact me if you are interested in group work or if you would like me to facilitate a group for you.

Telephone: 07483 438861.