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Wandering Minds




In these COVID times, most businesses have had to adapt and find new ways to deliver their services, and local business Actworks Ltd, is no exception. Actworks, based in Emsworth, provides evidence-based psychotherapy (talking therapy) to local and not so local people as therapy moves on-line.  When the first lockdown was announced Actworks moved on line to meet the continuing demand for help. It was a big change for practitioners and patients alike but everyone rapidly adapted. Despite initial reservations, many people found that online therapy actually suited them and the majority found it an excellent alternative to in person therapy.


Now that we are well in to our second lockdown, restrictions on providing mental health services in person have been relaxed but not everyone feels comfortable with meeting in person, even within the COVID-secure environment that Actworks provides. So Actworks has adapted again, to provide a service to people who would prefer to meet outside. Twice a week on Mondays and Fridays, 1:1 sessions are taking place whilst walking. There are several routes to choose from, coastal or Downland, and different durations: 2 hours, half day or full day.


The business name of Actworks is a play on the type of therapy ACT (acceptance and commitment therapy) and it lends itself brilliantly to this new way of delivery.  ACT (said as “act” because the emphasis is on doing things differently) is an evidence-based cognitive behavioural therapy.  It holds that suffering is a normal part of human life, and traces much of what we call mental illness to normal psychological processes that have gone a bit awry.


Walking and talking (or “wandering minds” as one client called it) allows people who would not otherwise consider therapy or wish to sit face to face in a consulting room to experience the dual benefits that come with developing the psychological processes necessary for sustaining permanent change, whilst exercising and engaging with nature.

If you have depression, an anxiety disorder or you are stuck in your life, and would like to find out more about walking and talking therapy contact Beverly Coghlan on 07483 438861.